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Friends-Only [Jun. 30th, 2020//11:11 pm]
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I had never planned on doing this, but my journal is now locked and accessible only to the people on my friends-list. This was not done to let only a few people in, but instead to keep a few people out. I still enjoy meeting other users and I'm open to adding. Just comment and let me know who you are.
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Outers Family gifs [Jun. 12th, 2009//12:34 am]
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I was posting these for fans in sailormoonfans, but I figured I should make my own journal entry for archiving purposes. Basically, I saw this manga scan while I was browsing, and I immediately thought of all the struggles that exist for couples, Prop 8, and those who fought for the right to adopt. I want to offer these to anyone who could get some use out of them. Credit is nice.

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take & share the love.
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